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Imagine an open-source Python library, which allows you to build, within days, an end-to-end data science pipeline that is ready for production! Additionally, the library is not just a codebase but also a knowledge source helping in every stage of development while solving some of the world´s most challenging problems.

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A global team of changemakers applies AI to develop more inclusive policies during pandemics.

When travel is restricted, schools closed, businesses shut down, and communities put into quarantine, people lose income, employment, and access to healthcare and food.

While enforcing these lockdowns, are Government policies around the world taking into account the poorest and the most vulnerable?

Unintended consequences of the lockdown

#1 Increase in domestic abuse

$In the first three weeks of the…

Wikimedia Hackathon 2013

To create innovation and build real solutions, we need to move beyond hackathons.

Hackathons are perceived as a fast track to innovation. Creative minds come together and solve problems. This all sounds good in theory but let us look at the facts.

Currently, there are dozens of hackathons in response to COVID-19, 1000s of people are giving their time to build solutions. I…

Wikimedia Hackathon 2013

Here is what we should do instead to build AI solutions successfully.

There are dozens of hackathons that are being organized these days in response to COVID-19, 1000s of people are giving their time to build solutions. I have mentored one of the largest in Europe, where over 1000 engineers participated. The organizers put days, if not weeks, of work into it…

From a lack of food to a lack of jobs and no effective support mechanisms where it is most needed.

I am worried if killing the economies is worth it if we so laxly approach the support for the most affected populations? — Dawid, Poland

April 7th, 2020:

The economical lockdown around the world has resulted in an increase in violence, a lack of food supply, overloaded healthcare systems, and…

Why we need a global approach to solve crises like the Coronavirus.

This crisis shows both the interdependence among countries in the world as well as how countries and communities are impacted on a different scale.

A call for solidarity

After we started a global Coronavirus Policy AI Challenge on our innovation platform at Omdena with more than 70 AI and domain experts, we asked our…

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Are government policies taking into account the poorest and the most vulnerable?

A migrant worker in India dies after walking 200 km on the way back to his home [1].

Rural itinerant workers in China are being blocked from cities, kicked out of apartments and rejected by companies [2].

“Poverty will kill us before the virus” — Rajneesh, a migrant worker, walking…

This is a story about how data science expertise and understanding in human psychology helped me drive interesting insights to design better games.

Screenshot of a game. (


Last week, as a mentor of Google for Startups, I had the opportunity to work with 10 Game Studios from Central and Eastern Europe. These startups have from 2–10M active users, a Monthly Recurring Revenue from 150k to 200K, and team sizes that range from 10–80 people. …

Rudradeb Mitra

Building Omdena: Bottom-Up Collaboration Platform, Professional experience: 7 startups, Mentor@Google for Startups, Speaker 100+ events in 30 countries.

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